Value Investing Summit 2018 Presentation

Dear Clients and Valued Partners,

Professor Hermann Simon, the godfather of Hidden Champions and founder of one of the world’s most profitable consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners, will be in Singapore for our Value Investing Summit 2018 (VIS2018) on the 27-28 of January.

The Value Investing Summit (VIS) is a two-day, annual conference featuring some of the best investing minds in Asia and around the world, where industry experts and investors alike meet to share ideas, discuss investment strategies and support one another to navigate the investing scenes internationally.

Now in its 7th year, VIS started an audience of just 500 (in 2012) and has grown to the average 1,300-strong crowd today, where renowned speakers like Professor Dr Hermann Simon (Founder and Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners), Francois Badelon (Founder and President, Amiral Gestion), Hemant Amin (Founder and Managing Director, Asiamin Capital), Vishal Khandelwal (Founder,, Kee Koon Boon (Chief Investment Officer, Hidden Champions Capital Management), Zhou Guiyin 周贵银先生 (Chief Trainer, Shanghai Rongdao Culture Communication) will be present.

For all clients, we hope you will be able to attend our exclusive session in the Value Investing Summit that we have arranged for you to interact with Professor Simon, as well as interact with the CEOs of Hidden Champions that include Makrand Appalwar, CEO of India’s Emmbi Industries, and Judy Kuo, CEO of Taiwan’s Nyquest Technology. It is unusual for investment firms to invite their shareholders and clients to meet and question the chief executives of businesses in which their savings have been invested and to meet and question the investment firm’s managers and analysts about those investments. At Hidden Champions Fund, we believe in providing our shareholders with unique insights and access to the entrepreneurs and businesses that are disrupting and improving our world to see first-hand the opportunities we see.

Hope to see you there!

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