Clive Tan Che Koon

Clive Tan Che Koon

Clive Tan Che Koon

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Clive Tan is the co-founder and Executive Director of 8I Holdings Limited (ASX:8IH) and is based in Singapore.

Mr. Tan holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education and an Honours Degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University. He also attended the University of Technology in Sydney on an academic exchange programme.

From his humble beginnings as a secondary school teacher, Mr. Tan got acquainted with the idea of value investing through an investment workshop and upon further research into the area, began modelling his investment strategies of renowned value investors, including Warren Buffett and adapting it to the Asian context.

Through prudent investments and careful planning, Mr. Tan accumulated enough investment returns within 5 years to start his first business with his wife, acquiring & turning around an existing loss-making childcare business, and turning it into a successful and profitable one before selling it for a good profit.

With his background in Education, Mr. Tan is passionate about sharing his investment knowledge and the importance of financial literacy with the public. He has authored books including “Value Investing for Employees” which is one of the best-selling titles in the Value Investing series.

Since inception of the 8I Group in 2008, Mr. Tan is responsible for the strategic planning, development and risk management of its businesses including education and investments in listed securities, property projects and private equity. He is also deeply involved in the development of corporate policies and management of the group’s Human Capital.

He believes that a person earning even an ordinary wage level can invest wisely and become financially free.