Our Story

With over a decade-plus in the Asian capital markets, our team has witnessed many investors, including family and friends, be seduced by the popular mantra: “Ride the Asian Growth Story!” stories and invest their hard-earned money, only to find themselves subject to emotional upheavals when these stocks turn out to be inherently sick and prey to economic vicissitudes. They may seem to grow faster initially, but the sustainability of their returns is far too uncertain to be the subject of a wise investment. Worse still, some turned out to be involved in accounting frauds, where financial numbers were “propped up” artificially to lure in more funds from investors, and the previous assessed asset value had already been “tunnelled out” or expropriated. This issue is compounded as western-based fraud detection tools and techniques have not been adapted to the Asian context to avoid these traps. It is disheartening to witness many fraud perpetrators go away scot-free and live a life of super luxury, on these unsuspecting minority investors’ hard-earned money. 

Hidden Champions Fund was set up with a simple philosophy: Invest in hardworking Asian entrepreneurs and capital allocators who are serious in building a wide-moat business, and avoid these dubious companies. We have always been fascinated by why and how even under the most austere of conditions and environment, wide-moat business models remain resilient and continue to compound value. Some of these companies are dominant global players that focuses on sophisticated, hard-to-imitate niche products and valuable critical niches, but are largely invisible to the average consumer. Investing at an earlier stage or the tipping point in the long-term growth trajectory path of Hidden Champions has been proven rewarding. We aim to grow with these Hidden Champions by investing in these owner-operators, and grow our clients’ wealth together while making a difference in the world.

Hidden Champions Fund is managed by Hidden Champions Capital Management Pte Ltd, a Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) with the Singapore regulator Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Headquartered in Singapore, Hidden Champions Capital Management Pte Ltd was formed to allow investors and clients to benefit from long-term ownership of common stocks meeting the firm’s research-driven fundamental stock selection process and methodology. Hidden Champions Capital Management Pte Ltd is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of 8I Holdings Limited (ASX: 8IH). 8I Holdings Limited is an investment holding company focused on investing in public listed companies and private businesses based on the principles of value investing.

Our Fund’s Objective

Hidden Champions Fund aims to achieve long- term investment returns in listed businesses in the Asia-Pacific through a focused strategy of investing in value-adding, nimble, and scalable Growing Hidden Champions.


Growing Hidden Champions are typically at the forefront of their markets in valuable critical niches that are indispensable to the consumers or businesses that they serve. They may also be a bottleneck in the value chain that they serve.


The outcome of the performance of these Growth Champions is primarily reliant on the industry dynamics that they are operating in and the management’s decisions and execution abilities. The fund does not employ leverage in its investment strategy.

The Fund logo symbolizes how Hidden Champions are rooted in a Greater Purpose, guided by an Inner Compass, and belief system while they navigate trials and adversities, enabling them to serve their targeted customers and solve their most burning problems better than any competitors in the market and in the process generate growth with resilience.

Like a lotus growing with determination, rising up from the murky water, removing obstacles in its stems while its petals remain unstained and pure, the lovely blooms of the lotus flower typifying a chaste and noble heart, opening under the light of value creation in the murky Asian capital jungles.

The muddier and more opaque the water, the greater the beauty of the Lotus flower blooms when it emerges; the tougher the economic environment, the more tenacious the Hidden Champions become, growing to create and compound value whilst being rooted in resilience.

Why Hidden Champions Fund

Special tribute to Hermann Simon, Honorary Chairman at Simon-Kucher & Partners, who first coined the term Hidden Champions almost 30 years ago in his best-selling books Hidden Champions: Lessons from 500 of the World’s Best Unknown Companies and Hidden Champions of the 21st Century.



The Hidden Champions-type companies have their roots in the esprit de corps of Germany’s Mittelstand who are the 3.5 million small and midsize family enterprises that form the backbone of Germany’s resilient export-driven economy, employing more than 78% of workers and contributing more than half of the country’s GDP.

There are also lesser-known, quiet, resilient, successful compounders, including sanitary systems specialist Geberit, commercial kitchen equipment company Rational AG, diagnostic and life-supporting equipment maker Ambu A/S, ophthalmic lenses and ophthalmic optical equipment maker Essilor international S.A., door technology systems specialist ASSA Abloy.

Asian Hidden Champions include the world’s leading velro maker Taiwan Paiho, Australia’s premier plumbing and bathroom specialist Reece Ltd, Japan’s dominant home furnishing retailer Nitori Holdings, India’s Godrej Consumer products, Indonesia’s integrated consumer health and nutrition specialist Kalbe Farma, and many more.